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From "The Wilkey Cookbook"

Refer to   James H. Wilkey in this section.



Many tributes were paid the deceased but none would have been appreciated more by him than that tribute paid to him by "Old Finis", colored, who worked several years for him. Upon learning of his friend's ( James H. Wilkey ) death at 11 O'clock, "Old Finis," who now lived and resides in Providence, Ky., seventeen miles away, walked the seventeen miles to be with his dear friend before he was laid to rest at 2 o'clock. A great tribute to any man.

According to the "Book of Comparisons" by the Diagram Group, a brisk walking speed for a man is 3.729 MPH. Walking at a brisk pace it would take 4.55 hours to travel the distance of 17 miles.

It would be impossible for Finis to have walked the distance within the time limits he had and arrive before the funeral........

Finis did not do the impossible...

  if he ran the distance.