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Edward and Susannah

Edward Maxey, Sr., and his wife Susannah (surname unproved) arrived in
Henrico Co., Va., before 1720.  In the Minute Book of that county in December
of that year Edward was paid 100 pounds of tobacco for one wolf's head killed
by his negroes. Note 1.  The Minute Book of February 1722 recorded a request
that Edward appear before the court to answer a petition of William Bradshaw.
This request was repeated five times over the next two years before it was
finally dropped from the records with no further action being taken.  Note 2.
No earlier record in Virginia or elsewhere has come to light for him although
a diligent search has been made.   Therefore it is a point of speculation as
to whether they moved inland from one of the coastal counties (such as King
and Queen where all early records have been destroyed), came from another
state, or had just arrived in America from the British Isles.

On 17 August 1725 he and his son Edward, Jr., each patented 400 acres in
Henrico County -- this land now being located in Powhatan County -- to
supplement 400 acres previously secured by Edward, Sr., on the 25th of March.

No more information is available from the records until the wills of Edward
and Susannah were proved in Goochland Co., Va. -- his on 20 May 1740 and hers
on 20 September 1743. Note 4.

It is estimated that all of the children of Edward and Susannah were grown --
and some married --by the time of their arrival in Henrico County, with the
exceptions of Walter and Sylvanus.

At the May Court in 1738, two years before his death, Edward was exempted
from the payment of taxes, no doubt due to his advanced age. Note 5.

Children of Edward and Susannah  (     ) Maxey:

1. Edward Maxey Jr., d. 1726, Henrico Co. Va.
2.  Susannah Maxey, m. William Barnes
3. Elizabeth Maxey, m. John Radford
4. John Maxey, d. after 1779, Buckingham Co., Va.
5. William Maxey, d. 1768, Cumberland Co., Va.
6. Nathaniel Maxey, d. 1779, Powhatan Co., Va.
7. Sylvanus Maxey, d. 1770, Prince Edward Co., Va.
8. Walter Maxey, d. 1791, Franklin Co., Va.
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