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The Madisonville, Ky. Messenger pays tribute to a great man


Malcolm Wilkey was valedictorian of the Madisonville High School Class of 1936 at Seminary Street and won an academic scholarship at Harvard College, where he graduated magna cum laude in 1940. The same summer he attended ROTC training and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the field artillery.


He served with distinction in World War II, was wounded in the relief of Bastogne and achieved the rank of major. Following military service he attended Harvard Law School and graduated with honors in 1948. He practiced law in Houston, Texas and served as an Associate United States Attorney in the Eisenhower administration. He then served several years as Vice President and General Counsel of Kennecott Copper.


In 1969 he was appointed to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals to succeed Warren Earl Burger, the new Chief Justice of the United States. Judge Wilkey retired in 1984 and taught international law for a year at Wolfson College, Cambridge University, England.

In 1986, President Reagan appointed him Ambassador to Uruguay and he also served in Montevideo until he retired again in 1990. He served as chairman of the Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform appointed by Reagan in 1989. On Dec. 21, 1959 he married Emma A. Secul dePolo and they now reside in her native Chile.


( Omitted by The Messenger, Malcolm Wilkey was also a delegate to the United Nations. )