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By Susan Rogers Clement

John Wilkie had perhaps arrived in Boston by 1650. The earliest record of him there is in connection with the estate of Robert Button. Inventory on Button’s estate was taken 21.11.1650. Debts received were presented to the court 10 1 mo 1652/3. Included in the list of debts received was the name of John Wilkey. His name was also included in the list of Pettie Debts to the estate. He is also named in the records of the estate of George Bennett of Boston. On 29 April 1652, administration was granted to Audrey Bennett, widow. John Wilkey was included on the list of names to whom the estate was indebted. "Jno Welke" was named in the inventory of debts for the estate of Mr. Joshua Foote of Boston, 30th of 8th mo 1655.

John Wilkie’s wife was Elizabeth, but it is unknown if they were married prior to arriving in Boston. The births of two of their children, Samuel and Mary, were recorded in the early records of Boston.

John died sometime between 1655 and 1660. Elizabeth already remarried by the time the inventory of his estate was taken by John Sunderland and Edward Hutchinson on 11 Mar 1660/1. Power of administration was granted to "Elizabeth Wilkie, relict of John Wilkie, and Jeremiah Cushin, hir now husband." The inventory totaled 102.1. Included in the inventory were five silver spoons "wch my husband gave to ech of his four children one & ye fift to me his wife," and the "halfe howse & ground."

Elizabeth married second by Mar 1660/1, Jeremiah Cushing, son of Matthew Cushing of Hingham, b. 1621, probably in England. Jeremiah was a mariner living in Boston by 1656. He commanded a ship trading between Boston and London. He was apparently lost at sea. From the will of Jeremiah’s older brother Daniel, who died in 1700, it appears that Daniel had received at least part of Jeremiah’s estate. It seems likely that Jeremiah and Elizabeth had no children.

The will of Elizabeth Cushing, widow of Jeremiah, is referenced in the Cushing family genealogy: "His wife in her will, makes mention of her daughter Elizabeth Condy, and grandson, Jeremiah Condy, and sister, Martha Muzer in Redrif, near London."

There has been no documented connection between John Wilkie or any of his family with the other early New England Wilkie family, i.e. that of Thomas Wilkie of Newport. There has been found only one coincidental link between the two families. Nathaniel Thomas of Marshfield, the third husband of John’s daughter Elizabeth, was one of the original proprietors of Tiverton, and it is known that the men of Duxbury, Plymouth and neighboring towns were the original settlers and purchasers of Little Compton and Tiverton. These are the towns where Thomas’ [probable] son Jacob had settled and raised his family.

Children of John and Elizabeth Wilkie:


1. John, perhaps their son. A "Jno Wilkee" took the oath of allegiance in Boston 11 Nov 1678. John Wilkye appeared on the tax list and schedules in

1687: heads 1, wharfes &c. 2, -.1.10. John Wilkey was on the list of male persons in the town of Boston from Sixteen yeares old and upwards dated 27 Aug 1688. It is likely that these three were references to the same man. Since the inventory of John Wilkie’s estate in 1660/1 indicated that there were four children, it seems likely that this John could be one of the two whose births were not recorded in Boston.

2. Elizabeth, born about 1652, probably the second child whose birth was not recorded in Boston, but known to be a child of John and Elizabeth, and named as such in her mother’s will. Elizabeth married first in Hingham 22 Sep 1675 William Condy of Boston. He was probably the son of William Condy of New London and Boston. Their only know child was Jeremiah Condy born 2 Jan 1683. William was probably a sea captain and died before 5 Apr 1686. On that date, Elizabeth Condy, widow and relict of William Condey late of Boston decd. Marrinr, gave a mortgage to Joseph Shaw of Boston and his wife Ruth for Sixty pounds for four years. Elizabeth married second, by 1690, Andrew Dolbery of Boston, a mariner. Elizabeth Dolbery joined the Second Church of Boston in July 1691, and their daughter Elizabeth was baptized there the 12th of that month. "Mrs. Elizabeth Dolbery" was married in Boston 3 Nov 1696 by Rev. Cotton Mather to Nathaniel Thomas of Marshfield as his second wife. He was born in Marshfield about 1634, son of Nathaniel. The intention was recorded in Boston 5 October 1696 and the marriage was recorded in the Marshfield records. There were no children of this marriage. Nathaniel and his two wives were buried in the Winslow Cemetery in Marshfield. Nathaniel died 22 October 1718 in his 75th year. Elizabeth’s gravestone reads: "Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel, Esq., formerly wife of Capt. William Condy, died 11 October 1713, in her 61st year.

3. Samuel, born Boston 3 April 1653. n.f.r.

4. Mary, born Boston 17 Dec 1655. n.f.r.


Some OtherWilkies in Boston

There are records in Boston of two additional Wilkie men, although there is no evidence that they are related to this family.


Thomas Wilkie and Mary Anderson were married by Rev. Sam. Miles, Dec. 5, 1710.


John Wilkey and Mary Hilton of Boston, intentions 20 Mar 1711/12.

This is probably the same John Wilkie who appears in the records of the Boston Selectmen from 1709 to 1714, as follows:

1709 - June 13. The Selectmen do desire Capt. Timothy Clark & Mr. Joseph Wadsworth to Let out unto John Wilkie a room in ye Townes House on Fort Hill, on such Terms as they Shall agree.

1710 At a meeting of ye Sel men June 19th. Voted, that John Wilkie and Mathew Collings be Pound Keepers to-gether with Thomas Jent who was Chosen to that Service for ye year ensueing, and they are empowered to impound Horses, Cattell, or Sheep wch they Shall find to Trespass on ye Comon, or going ther contrary to ye Town order.

1710 Oct 3d The Select m being informed that John Wilkie hath violated the trust comitted to him in takeing a horse out of another mans pasture & impounding ye same. Voted that Capt. Timo. Clarke be desired to Prosecute ye Sd Wilke for his so doing.

1711 Aprill 30th. Voted that John Wilkie & Mathew Collings be the Pounders for the year ensueing, And they & each of them are impowered to impound all Horses, Cattell or Sheep wch they Shall find to Trespass on ye Comon or going there contrary to the Town order.

1712 Aprill 21st. Mathew Collings and John Wilkie & each of them are appointed and inpowered to impound all and every Horse or horses, dry Cattell, or Sheep which Shall be found going at Large.

1712 Oct 6th. The Sel men have agreed with Mr. Jos. Callender & have Lett unto him the Little Old House on ye Fort Hill where John Wilkie Lately Dwelt… [It appears that John moved from this house after his marriage.]

1713 May 25th. Voted. That Mathew Collings and John Wilkie and each of them are appointed and Impowered to impound…

1713 June 16th. Agreed wth John Wilkie that he is to Level the earth Lately carryed and put at ye entrance of ye Comon to the Satisfaction of ye Sel. Men & his to have 20s. for his Labour.

1714 Apr 26th. John Wilkey, Mathew Collings & Roger Right are nominated and appoynted to Inspect and Prosecute all Such as Shall Transgress the Town order or By-Law relating to any Horse, dry Cattle or Sheep found going at Large on the comon Lands, Streets, or Lanes of this Town.

This is the last record of John Wilkie in the Selectmen’s records. There is no record of a death in Boston for John, nor are there any records of births of children. It is unknown what may have happened to him, or where he may have removed to, and whether he had any children.


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John Wilkie of Boston