By Raymond Wilkey

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( Anyone who has seen the movie "No Time for Sergeants" will love this story DCW )

Frank Wilkey and his son, Raymond ( me ), were having a very difficult time with a stubborn mule when Frank’s brother, Jimmy, appeared on the scene.

"What’s the matter Frank?", Jimmy asked.

Past the point of mild irritation Frank snapped, "This darn mule won’t work, never would."

"Oh! Is that all," smiled Jimmy.

Jimmy walks over to the mule, paused for a moment and took a deep breath, then reaches down and gets a good grip with one hand on the mule’s front leg and with his other hand Jimmy grips the mule’s back leg. Jimmy suddenly lifts up and the mule is thrown to the ground.

Jimmy leaps on the mule’s neck, grabs the mules head and rubs the mule’s nose in the dirt. Jimmy then shoves more dirt up the mule’s nose. When the mule struggles to get up Jimmy gives the mule’s head good twist which is followed by more dirt in the nose.

After a time Jimmy lets the mule up and turns to Frank and said, "That mule will work now."

Frank said that was the best working mule we ever had after that.