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By Donald C. Wilkey

Way back in my Army days while stationed in Germany the First Sergeant approached me one day in 1955 with a copy of "The Stars and Stripes" under his arm.

"Wilkey", he asked, "aren’t you from Kentucky?"

"Yes", said, wondering what he was up to now. It usually meant trouble for me.

"Are you from Madisonville?" he quickly asked.

"No!", I replied, "Dawson Springs, just a little ways from Madisonville."

Lowering his head and looking a little chest fallen he rather meekly asked, "Do you know Floyd Wilkey?"

I smiled and said, "He’s my Uncle, why?"

"I was afraid of that," he said, while pointing to a article in the Stars and Stripes.

I read... "Floyd Wilkey of Madisonville, Kentucky, knocks United States Senator Malone of Kentucky off the top of the Court House steps in Madisonville, Kentucky. Wilkey was heard to say, "I don’t want to have anything to do with you and your damn dirty politicks."

Surprised, and pleased, I looked up at the Sergeant and failing to keep a smile of pride down I said, "Those Court House steps go up pretty high."

The First Sergeant mutters, "If you’ve got an Uncle that can knock a United States Senator off the Court House steps in broad daylight before a crowd and get by with it I’m not going to mess with you boy."

He never did.