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Contributed by Janice Wilkey Wigley


Charity Dame Eison was always called "Little Mama" by her grandchildren.

When Little Mama was 15 years old she and her girl friends were pretending a tree with a hold in it was their Post Office and they would write notes and put them in the hole.

Evidently Little Mama wrote something about "that good looking Bob Eison." 

Bob's mother somehow or another got hold of the note and said, "That fiesty little Charity Dame."

Bob said, "I bet I marry that fiesty little Charity Dame.

She was 15 years old when they married.

They had five children.  Bob was killed in the coal mines at St. Charles, Kentucky when a slab fell on him.  Little Mama raised five children and never re-married. When her children grew up and married Little Mama spent the rest of her life with Audrey and Clyde Wilkey and visiting her daughters in turn. Her son, Garret Eison, never married.