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b.1846 d. May 28,1880


History Of Franklin County

About 1878 one of the most interesting cases ever tried in the state
was held at Ozark,on a change of venue from Johnson County. A
Kentuckian, a self-possessed,intelligent man,
named Thomas B.Edmonds,was of a fine family and had a wife and
children.An orphan girl,Julia
Alsobrook,was at work in the family,and between her and Thomas B.Edmonds
sprang up such an infatuation that they ran away and located in Johnson
County,Ark.,on a farm.
A few years later he recognized in one of his neighbors an old
acquaintance,and he determined to go back to his family in Kentucky. He
hired a man to haul him and his supposed wife and child down to Old
Spadra,having it understood by those he met that he was going to
Kentucky.The river was high,but no boat was due for many days..He staid
over night near Pratt's Landing and disappeared. A lamp,bottle,cup and
two bonnets-woman's and child-were found on the bank . Some months
later,when the river was low,the skeleton of a child and woman was found
near the same place,and steps were taken to secure Edmonds. He was
arrested in his field at work at his old home in Kentucky. The
circumstance are so intricate and so curiously convicting that the
opinion of Judge English,of the supreme
court,to which court it was appealed, is very interesting even to the
non-professional reader.
Thomas B.Edmonds was convicted and the verdict was not reversed at
Little Rock.On the gallows at Ozark May 28,1880 ,Edmonds remarked,it is
said.that he never killed his wife!

Thomas B.Edmonds

Thomas B.Edmonds was hanged in Ozark,Franklin County,Arkansas
on May 28,1880.He was convicted of killing his girl friend and their
baby Ellen 9 months old in Johnson County ,Arkansas.They had been living
in Washington County,Arkansas before
the murders. The girl friend was said to be Julia
Alsobrooks.The Livingston County,Kentucky1870 Census shown Hutson and
Mary C.Herthington ,Alsobrooks living next to Thomas B. and Emma
M.Edmonds.The Alsobrooks family had a daughter,Julia C.Alsobrooks age 11
years in their household. Thomas B.Edmonds was 24 years of age on the
1870 census. Thomas would have been 32 and Julia 19 at the time of the