By Raymond Wilkey

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Archie Wilkey, a second cousin, owned a lumber mill somewhere in Georgia. In dealing with the public you will sooner or later have a disagreement with someone. Archie must have had a real heated argument with a fellow. I regret I do not know the cause of the disagreement but it was so serious the person threatened to kill Archie.

It was not long after the disagreement when Archie became very weather conscious as you never saw Archie without a raincoat draped over his right arm. To many this seemed strange but aas time passed people became accustomed to seeing Archie and the raincoat.

One day Archie was walking close to some buildings when the fellow he had the disagreement with suddenly stepped out from the side of a building with a shotgun.

Archie froze in place. The fellow slowly brought the shotgun to bear on Archie. There was a sudden "bang" when a gun went off.

Archie's opponent laid dead in the street and Archie threw off the raincoat to reveal a .38 pistol in his right hand.

There was a trial and Archie was cleared.