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Why you should submit your family line to the Wilkey - Wilkie - Book:

When a new Wilkey/ie family line is submitted a comparison of names are made to see if the new line will join with a line already in the Wilkey - Wilkie - Book.    There are many Wilkey/ie family lines which suddenly appear here in the Americas and Australia.  Sometimes it takes no more than a couple of generations, or even a couple of names, to join lines together.


Submitting Your Information

  Snail Mail:   The address is..  Donald C. Wilkey, 304 North Main Street, Dawson Springs, Ky., 42408.

E-Mail:  dcwilkey@bellsouth.net

Sorry folks-- you will have to type my e-mail address... There are spam engines which search web pages for e-mail address and I get enough spam for three people.


Formats in Which to Submit Your Family Line


Ged Com:  Yes!  The preferred method.



Descendant Outline Chart:  Perhaps the Family Tree Maker Descendant Outline Chart is the easiest of all to work with.  Other systems which use a different form of numbering  can be very confusing.  It seems the older the Chart the more confusing it is.   FTM is simple.   Number 1 is always the subject and Number 2 is always the children of Number 1 no matter where Number 2 appears in the Chart.    Now things change.  Any time Number 3 appears it is always the child of the Number 2 above it in the Chart.  When Number 4 appears in the Chart it is always the child of Number 3 above it.


  Generation:  I have found many cases where people are listed by the generation which are very confusing.  This occurs when there are a   number of similar names in the previous generation.