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A Family Line is named after the earliest known ancestor

Due to the Wilkey/ie's fondness of certain names it is sometimes best to seek the name of the spouse. To quickly find if the Surname you are seeking is in a Family File click on List of Surnames.


Family Lines

Only the largest family lines are listed below


Alexander Wilkie - Elizabeth Doig From Scotland to North Carolina to Kentucky

The above follows the decendants of Alexander Wilkie except for Alexander Wilkie and Susannah Mourning Stockton. To follow this line go to Janie Wilkey's Wilkey Page

Robert Wilkey - Norton Robert Wilkey - Scott
Solomon Wilkey 1795 - Unknown Tennessee


Thomas Wilkie - Baronner Thomas Wilkie - Malcom

Henery Wilkey 1762 - Mary Maxey 1778

South Carolina to Southern Illinois

Thomas Wilkie - Unknown Thomas Wilkie - Younger

Willis Wilkey

Indiana ( There is a rumor in this line that the father of Willis is William Aaron Wilkey. No solid

proof has been found.-- See Alexander Wilkie above for Aaron )

Miles Gilbert Wilkey - Calhoun Richard Wilkey - Ronye

James Wilkie - Walker

Scotland, England

David Wilkie - Annat
Henry Wilkie - Gordon Henry Wilkie - Unknown
Christian Wilkie - Dodds David Wilkie - Irish
Henry Wilkie - Gordon James Wilkey - Anderson
Andrew Wilkie David Wilkie - Stark
Edward Wilkie - Unknown George Wilkie - Crawford
George Wilkie - Unknown Isaia Wilkey - Unknown
William Wilkey - Adams William Wilkey - Edgar
Wiley Wilkey - Bailes William James Wilkie - Unknown
William Wilkey - Gould William Wilkey -Anderson
Alexander Wilkie - Unknown  
John Wilkey - Gregory John Wilkey - Unknown