Index for surnames beginning with L (Notes Pages)

For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.


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L, Herschell
L., John
Ladd, Unknown
Ladd, Willadean
Ladd, Willie
Ladwig, Donna
Lafane, William
LaFave, Hubert
Lafayette, Herschell (b. 22 NOV 1899 - d. 14 MAY 1994)
Laffoon, Mary A
Lafontaine, Calixte
Lafontaine, Madeleine
Lafontaine, Octave
Lafoon, Cynthia (b. 1782 - d. 24 DEC 1860)
Lafoon, William (b. 1751 - d. 29 NOV 1821)
Laframboise, Francois
Laframboise, Louise
Laframboise, Marie
Lage, Andrew R. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lage, Asa D. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lagimoniere, Joseph
Lagimoniere, Joseph
Laine, Bill
Laine, Child
Laine, Child
Laine, Child
Laine, Child
Laine, Child
Laine, Child
Laine, John
Laine, Mark
Laine, Mike
Laine, Robert (b. --Not Shown--)
Lake, Lillie
Lake, Mary
Lakey, Charles (b. --Not Shown--)
Lakey, Evelyn (b. 1919)
Lakey, Everett (b. --Not Shown--)
Lakey, Herbert (b. --Not Shown--)
Lakey, James (b. 1893 - d. 1966)
Lakey, Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Lakey, Phyllis (b. --Not Shown--)
Lam, Abner
Lam, Amanda
Lam, Bert Rev
Lam, Dixon
Lam, Georganna (b. 21 JUL 1859)
Lam, Hutchinson
Lam, Lou
Lam, Margaret Peggy
Lam, Nancy
Lamb, Ann (b. 1849)
Lamb, Della
Lamb, Euel
Lamb, Geraldine
Lamb, Herbert
Lamb, Jane
Lamb, John Wylie (b. 20 JUN 1839)
Lamb, Ruby
Lamb, Sam
Lamb, Scott
Lamb, Victoria
Lamb, William (b. 1804 - d. 21 DEC 1893)
Lambeth, Maxine
Lamond, Elizabeth (d. ABT 1848)
Lamphere, Patricia Mary (b. --Not Shown--)
Lampkins, Joseph Ove
Lampkins, Patricia Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Lamson, Martha Y.
Lamson, Ollive
Lancaster, Mabel
Landerman, Beverly Rhea (b. --Not Shown--)
Landers, Frances
Langdon, Brenda Rae (b. --Not Shown--)
Langdon, Carol Patricia (b. --Not Shown--)
Langdon, David (b. --Not Shown--)
Langdon, Donald E.
Langdon, Elizabeth Annie (b. --Not Shown--)
Langdon, George Lewis
Langdon, Rhonda Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Langdon, Stephen Barstow (b. --Not Shown--)
Lange, Annie
Lange, Troy Aaron
Lange, Wyatt Aaron
Lange, Zachary Craig
Langston, Howard Vaughn (b. --Not Shown--)
Langston, Howard Vaughn (b. --Not Shown--)
Langston, Linlee (b. --Not Shown--)
Langston, Linnett (b. --Not Shown--)
Lantaff, Hannah Phoebe (b. 25 APR 1866 - d. 4 JUL 1939)
Lantaff, Johnny E
Lantrip, Carrie (b. 28 JAN 1914 - d. 4 AUG 1979)
Lantrip, Dorothy (b. --Not Shown--)
Lantrip, John Thomas
Lantrip, Joseph Everett
Lantrip, Lee (b. 5 FEB 1910)
Lantrip, Lousia Jane
Lantrip, Margaret C. "Peggy"
Lantrip, Mary Frances (b. 27 OCT 1916)
Largent, Donna
Largent, Louis
Largent, Louis
Largent, Virgina
Larkins, Edith
Larnder, Frederick Eugene
Larnder, Nancy Evelyn
Larsen, Carissa Ann (Black) (b. --Not Shown--)
Larsen, Dixie Emma
Larsen, Margaret
Larsen, Nancy (b. 28 AUG 1885 - d. 21 NOV 1973)
Larsen, Odell R.
Larson, Donald
Larson, Donald
Larson, Jennie
Larson, Kathy
Larson, Kathy
Larson, Kurt
Larson, Kurt
Larson, Robert
Larson, Robert
Larson, Sue
Latham, Candie
Latham, J. G.
Laugon, Joseph Jr.
Laura, (b. ABT 1857)
Laurie, Robert
Lauritsen, Daniel L. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lauritsen, Jmes L. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lauritsen, Michael J. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lauritsen, Rebecca A. (b. --Not Shown--)
Laverdure, Joseph
Laverdure, Marie Anne
Laverdure, Marie Josephine
Lawrence, Edward
Lawrence, Tonya (b. --Not Shown--)
Lawrence, Unknown
Laws, Wilma Hills
Lawson, Cami (b. --Not Shown--)
Lawson, Cassie (b. 29 MAR 1901 - d. 26 JUL 1971)
Lawson, Cathy (b. --Not Shown--)
Lawson, Gene
Lawson, Gene
Lawson, Harry Wells (b. 31 OCT 1883)
Lawson, Helen
Lawson, James William
Lawson, Janet Lois
Lawson, John
Lawson, Justin (b. --Not Shown--)
Lawson, L V
Lawson, Ray (b. ABT 1900)
Lawson, Terry
Lawson, Thomas (b. --Not Shown--)
Lay, William R
Layne, Louisa Elfrida
Layton, Drucilla Grace
Layton, Elizabeth
Le Barron, Lucy
Leach, Audrey Ellen (b. --Not Shown--)
Lear, Becky
Lear, Earnest (b. 7 DEC 1908 - d. NOV 1971)
Leatherman, Nancy
Leavitt, Darrell Lynn
Leavitt, Debra Sue (b. --Not Shown--)
Leavitt, Dellynn Wilkey (b. --Not Shown--)
Leavitt, Donald Gerald (b. --Not Shown--)
Leavitt, Joseph D.
Leavitt, Mark Benton
Leavitt, Mary WIlkey (b. --Not Shown--)
Leavitt, Sally Lisman
Leavitt, Teresa Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Leavitt, Virgil Horton
Lee, Albert Edison (b. 1917 - d. 1918)
Lee, Albert Edison (b. 15 DEC 1917 - d. 15 FEB 1918)
Lee, Allen
Lee, Alva Dwain (b. 5 NOV 1920 - d. 1 AUG 1989)
Lee, Alva Lawrence (b. 15 APR 1890 - d. 31 JAN 1958)
Lee, Alva Lawrence (b. 1890 - d. 1958)
Lee, Alven (b. 1911 - d. 1911)
Lee, Alven Arnen (b. 25 NOV 1911 - d. 25 NOV 1911)
Lee, Amil (b. 1915 - d. 1991)
Lee, Amil (b. 31 MAR 1915 - d. 22 OCT 1991)
Lee, Amy (b. 20 SEP 1913 - d. 29 APR 1993)
Lee, Amy
Lee, Anita
Lee, Anna Tobitha (b. 1902 - d. 1989)
Lee, Anna Tobitha (b. 14 NOV 1902 - d. 26 JUL 1989)
Lee, Arla Dewain (b. 1920)
Lee, Artho Harold (b. 29 SEP 1916 - d. 4 APR 1918)
Lee, Artho Harold
Lee, Barbara
Lee, Bertha Jane (b. 28 APR 1897 - d. 1 FEB 1925)
Lee, Bertha Jane (b. 1897 - d. 1925)
Lee, Bertis (b. 1913 - d. 1917)
Lee, Bertis (b. 1 APR 1913 - d. 3 APR 1913)
Lee, Beulah Mae
Lee, Beverly
Lee, Brenda
Lee, Buddy Max
Lee, Caryn Belle (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Charles Edward (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Charles Edward
Lee, Clarence R. (b. 1900 - d. 1913)
Lee, Clarence R. (b. 31 MAR 1900 - d. 30 APR 1913)
Lee, Clement (b. 30 JUN 1925 - d. 30 JUN 1925)
Lee, Dale
Lee, Daniel (b. 1898 - d. 1975)
Lee, Daniel (b. 3 APR 1888 - d. 1 NOV 1975)
Lee, Darrell
Lee, David
Lee, David
Lee, David
Lee, Delores A. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Delta H. (b. 1910)
Lee, Delta Hanna (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Gary
Lee, James
Lee, Janice Carel (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Jerry
Lee, John
Lee, John A. (b. 1865 - d. 1953)
Lee, John Henry (b. 1919)
Lee, John Henry (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, John William (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, John William
Lee, Joyce R. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Kathy
Lee, Lawrence (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Lawrence
Lee, Leonard DeWayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Lorinda
Lee, LuAnna
Lee, Margaret
Lee, Margaret Jean
Lee, Margaret Jean (b. 5 SEP 1935 - d. 23 MAR 1992)
Lee, Marlene
Lee, Marsha
Lee, Mary
Lee, Mary Louise (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Mary Louise
Lee, Mary N. (b. 23 OCT 1894 - d. 12 NOV 1897)
Lee, Mary N. (b. 1894 - d. 1897)
Lee, Maxine Faye (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Nancy
Lee, Nelson Rutherford
Lee, Nelson Spencer
Lee, Omar
Lee, Omar (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Otho (b. 17 JAN 1915 - d. 3 NOV 1992)
Lee, Otho
Lee, Patricia
Lee, Patricia Ruth (b. 9 MAY 1933 - d. 25 MAY 1933)
Lee, Paul
Lee, Paul
Lee, Phillip
Lee, Raymond J. (b. 4 AUG 1905 - d. 30 DEC 1986)
Lee, Raymond J. (b. 1905 - d. 1986)
Lee, Robert Arlen (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Robert G.
Lee, Roberta June (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Rogena
Lee, Roger
Lee, Ruth
Lee, Ruth (b. 29 NOV 1919 - d. 7 SEP 1989)
Lee, Sarah (b. 26 AUG 1892 - d. 10 APR 1988)
Lee, Sarah (b. 1859 - d. 1940)
Lee, Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1892 - d. 1988)
Lee, Sharon Roxanna (b. --Not Shown--)
Lee, Shelia
Lee, Stanley
Lee, Stella L. (b. 1907 - d. 1975)
Lee, Stelle Lou (b. 19 NOV 1907 - d. 14 JUN 1975)
Lee, Susie
Lee, Vicky
Lee, Virgina (b. 28 NOV 1910 - d. 4 DEC 1976)
Lee, Virginia
Lee, Wendy Frances
Leeth, Marguerite Ethel
Leffler, Carl
Legag, Emma
Legag, John Kenneth
Legag, Mary Elizabeth
Legg, Alison Joanne
Legg, Ashley James Nye
Legg, David Charles (b. 17 APR 1964 - d. 1 MAR 1991)
Legg, David Maxwell
Legg, Edward
Legg, Edward John
Legg, Elizabeth Ann
Legg, Julian Michael Nye
Legg, Kathleen Fiona
Legg, Mary Frances
Legg, Maxwell (d. 23 APR 1993)
Legg, Maxwell James
Legg, Sally Louise
Legg, William Roland
Legrand, Ollie
Lehmann, George Frederick (b. ABT 1859)
Leitch, Margaret Wilson (b. 12 SEP 1877 - d. 29 MAY 1965)
Lemley, Lottie (d. 1925)
Lemming, Holly Oeda (b. --Not Shown--)
Lemming, Jacob
Lemming, Kathleen A. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lemming, Luke T. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lemming, Matthew
Lemming, Terrence M. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lemming, Thomas P. (b. 1914 - d. 1984)
Lemming, Thomas P. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lemming, Thomas P. Jr. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lemming, Timothy J. (b. --Not Shown--)
Leonard, Harry
Lepeau, Penny S. (b. --Not Shown--)
LeQuesne, Herbert Frank
LeQuesne, Micheal David
LeQuesne, Peter Neave
LeQuesne, Robert Merrel
Leslie, Mary Ann (b. MAY 1805)
Leslie, Nadine L.
Lethbridge, Mary
Lever, Anne Kathleen
Lewis, Alice
Lewis, Arthur
Lewis, Barbara A.
Lewis, Betty Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Brad (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Brandy Shea (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Brian
Lewis, Dan Dean
Lewis, David Bruce
Lewis, David J. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Dennis Michael
Lewis, Donald O.
Lewis, Dustin Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Eleathea Marie (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Floyd
Lewis, Geraldine
Lewis, Henry F.
Lewis, James Arthur
Lewis, James Emmett (b. 28 JUN 1905 - d. 16 AUG 1946)
Lewis, James Healey
Lewis, James Michael
Lewis, James Otis ( Buddy ) (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Jesse (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Jessica D. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, John W. (d. 1956)
Lewis, Jonathon D. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Joshua Michael (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Judith
Lewis, Larry
Lewis, Linda
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary (b. ABT 1745 - d. 15 DEC 1825)
Lewis, Melissa Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Minnie Beth
Lewis, Olive Louise
Lewis, Otha (d. ABT 1935)
Lewis, Otha Jr.
Lewis, Pamela S. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Ronald
Lewis, Ryan Dan (b. --Not Shown--)
Lewis, Susan Alice (b. 30 JUL 1870)
Lewis, Willard
Lewis, Wilma Jean
Leys, Catherine Frances Wilkie (b. 1875)
Leys, Charlotte (b. 1885)
Leys, Isabella C. (b. 1877)
Leys, James
Leys, Jane (b. 1 APR 1879)
Leys, Jemia (b. 1881)
Leys, Samuel
Leys, Samuel (b. ABT 1883)
Lidgett, Susan
Liess, Jill E. (b. --Not Shown--)
Light, Kindness Permelia (b. 4 SEP 1880 - d. 1955)
Light, William Allison
Ligocki, Reneee Lynn
Ligon, Cora
Ligon, George Henry
Ligon, Phoebe
Ligon, Susan T.
Lilley, Mary Margaret
Linder, Unknown
Lindholm, Phyllis Jane (b. --Not Shown--)
Lindley, Mary
Lindley, Mary Jane ( Polly ) (b. 21 JAN 1816 - d. 12 MAR 1882)
Lindley, William L. (d. 1918)
Lindsay, Annis (b. ABT 1892)
Lindsay, David N. (b. ABT 1880)
Lindsay, Jessie N. (b. ABT 1889)
Lindsay, John A. (b. ABT 1885)
Lindsay, Minnie E. (b. ABT 1878)
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Lindsey, Levi J.
Lindsey, Mary
Lindsey, Robert
Line, Blanche (b. --Not Shown--)
Line, Jean Myria (b. --Not Shown--)
Line, Renne Sherman (d. 1946)
Line, Robert Duane (b. --Not Shown--)
Line, Ross Leon (b. --Not Shown--)
Line, William Sherman (b. 1918)
Lineburger, J. L.
Lines, Arthur George Oxlad (b. 11 MAR 1899)
Lines, Percy William (b. 1875)
Linford, James Henry
Lisanby, Betty Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Lisanby, Donald Ross (b. --Not Shown--)
Lisanby, Dorothy Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Lisanby, Philberta Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Lisanby, Ross
Lisanby, Walker
Lister, Isabella
Lister, James
Lister, Margaret
Listerman, Angela Catherine (b. 18 DEC 1905)
Liston, Agnes (b. 1669 - d. 1736)
Liston, Anne (b. ABT 1721)
Liston, Anne (b. ABT 1744)
Liston, Catherine (b. ABT 1684)
Liston, Edward (b. ABT 1715)
Liston, George (b. ABT 1717)
Liston, James (b. ABT 1746)
Liston, James (b. ABT 1711)
Liston, James (b. ABT 1676 - d. 12 JUL 1738)
Liston, Janet (b. ABT 1719)
Liston, John (b. 1687 - d. 17 SEP 1764)
Liston, Margaret (b. ABT 1723)
Liston, Mary (b. ABT 1746)
Liston, Matthew (b. ABT 1713)
Liston, Patrick (b. ABT 1668 - d. 9 JUN 1700)
Listoun, David Edward (b. ABT 1673)
Listoun, Janet (b. ABT 1680)
Listoun, Jean (b. ABT 1678)
Listoun, Patrick (b. ABT 1625 - d. BEF 11 OCT 1690)
Litaker, Wendy Renee
Litaker, William Darrell
Litster, Ann Jean (b. 17 MAR 1858 - d. 28 NOV 1891)
Little, Dorkas
Littlepage, Unknown
Litton, Arkansas
Litton, John
Litton, John Dudley
Litton, Lee
Litton, Lucy Cabel
Litton, Missouri Belle
Litton, Nancy Nan
Litton, Nebraska
Litton, Richard Byrd
Litton, Solomon
Livermont, Frank Eugene
Livermont, Frank Wendale
Livermore, Amber J. (b. --Not Shown--)
Livermore, Billy Joe (b. 1925 - d. 1989)
Livermore, Billy M. (b. --Not Shown--)
Livermore, Bobby R. (b. --Not Shown--)
Livermore, Bradly T. (b. --Not Shown--)
Livermore, Travis D. (b. --Not Shown--)
Livermore, Tyson J. (b. --Not Shown--)
Livers, Charles Thomas (b. --Not Shown--)
Livingston, Dolly (b. --Not Shown--)
Lloyd, Mary
Lnu, Mourna
Lock, Mary Anne
Lockard, Sarah ( Sallie ) Melvina
Lockhart, Elizabeth
Lockhart, Robert George (b. 13 OCT 1895)
Lockwood, Craig Robert (b. --Not Shown--)
Lockwood, Douglas Alan (b. --Not Shown--)
Lockwood, George
Lockwood, Harriet Sarah (b. 29 JUL 1914)
Lockwood, Kathryn Mae (b. --Not Shown--)
Lockwood, Mary Elizabeth (b. --Not Shown--)
Lockwood, Robert Floyd (d. 31 OCT 1930)
Lockwood, Robert Floyd Jr. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lockwood, Tamra Sue (b. --Not Shown--)
Lockwood, Timothy Mark (b. --Not Shown--)
Lockwood, Unknown
Loffland, Dale
Loften, Grady Sue (b. --Not Shown--)
Loften, Laverne Carolyn (b. ABT 1920)
Loften, Margaret Emily (b. --Not Shown--)
Loften, Maynor Grady
Logan, Ben
Logan, John
Logan, Susan (b. --Not Shown--)
Logsdon, Mary N. (b. --Not Shown--)
Lohn, Anna E.
Lohnes, Catharine Cassandra (b. 26 NOV 1843 - d. 1943)
Lohnes, Fannie W.
Lohnes, Mabel Sadie
Lohnes, Margaret Beulah
Lohnes, Maria Catharina Elizabet (b. 9 MAR 1791)
Lohnes, Maria Catharine
Lohnes, Stella Sophia
Lohnis, Jacob
Loitwood, Jessie (d. 13 JAN 1963)
Lokan, Rebecca (b. ABT 1889)
Lokan, Robert
Loney, Lillie Mae (b. 8 MAY 1883 - d. 30 JAN 1977)
Long, Anna
Long, Beverly (b. --Not Shown--)
Long, C.
Long, Donald William (b. --Not Shown--)
Long, Elizabeth
Long, Glenda Sharon (b. --Not Shown--)
Long, John Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Long, Leroy Eugene (b. --Not Shown--)
Long, Lillie Mae (b. --Not Shown--)
Long, Mildred Lorene (b. 18 AUG 1921 - d. 14 OCT 1986)
Long, Patricia Ann (b. 26 APR 1946 - d. 14 JUL 1946)
Long, Raymond (b. 28 APR 1915 - d. 8 AUG 1970)
Long, Raymond (b. --Not Shown--)
Longmire, Elijah
Longnecker, Dale Reid
Longnecker, John
Longnecker, John David
Longnecker, Katheryn
Longnecker, Larry Lynn
Longnecker, Nathaniel Russell
Longnecker, Rebecca Ann
Longnecker, Richard Lee
Lopez, Mary Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Lorena, (b. ABT 1852)
Lorimar, Elizabeth
Lorimer, Elizabeth
Lorimer, William
Lossen, David Milton (b. --Not Shown--)
Lossen, Douglas Mark (b. --Not Shown--)
Lossen, George
Lossen, George Carl (b. --Not Shown--)
Lossen, Kathryn (b. --Not Shown--)
Lossen, Linda Gay (b. --Not Shown--)
Lossen, Lois Marie (b. --Not Shown--)
Lossen, Milton H.
Lossen, RaDawn (b. --Not Shown--)
Lostutter, Albert
Lostutter, Arlus Lee (b. 25 OCT 1910)
Lostutter, Aubrey
Lostutter, Beulah Frances (b. 15 JAN 1904)
Lostutter, Bill
Lostutter, Clarence (b. 2 FEB 1917 - d. 2 FEB 1917)
Lostutter, Flossie Mae (b. JAN 1896)
Lostutter, Helam Wayne (b. SEP 1875 - d. JUN 1923)
Lostutter, Hester
Lostutter, Julia A. (b. 1 FEB 1899 - d. 27 JUL 1909)
Lostutter, Lona Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Lostutter, Lorene Zula (b. 1914)
Lostutter, Mary Etta (b. 11 FEB 1897 - d. MAY 1975)
Lostutter, Patsy (b. ABT 1926 - d. ABT 1994)
Lostutter, Rollie (b. 15 MAY 1927 - d. SEP 1983)
Lostutter, Rollie (b. ABT 1901 - d. 15 DEC 1928)
Lostutter, Rollie Jr
Lostutter, Vickie
Loudermilk, Elizabeth (b. 9 NOV 1835 - d. 5 JAN 1922)
Louisa, Sarah
Lovan, Jerry Wayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Lovan, Judith Carolyn (b. --Not Shown--)
Lovan, Kent Wayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Lovan, Kimberly Rue (b. --Not Shown--)
Lovan, Nicole
Lovan, Virgil Everett
Lovan, William Berryman
Love, Abraham Howard (b. 1826)
Love, Archibald Campbell (b. 12 JUN 1806 - d. 12 MAY 1814)
Love, Debbie
Love, Edward (b. --Not Shown--)
Love, Ellen Louise (b. --Not Shown--)
Love, Ester Evans (b. 19 MAY 1808 - d. 23 MAR 1851)
Love, Harvey Allen (b. 8 FEB 1818)
Love, Heather (b. --Not Shown--)
Love, J. C.
Love, James (b. ABT 1720 - d. ABT 1800)
Love, James Cecil (b. 30 MAY 1921 - d. 3 SEP 2002)
Love, James Madison (b. 9 JAN 1812)
Love, Jane Eliza (b. 27 JUN 1819 - d. 6 JUN 1864)
Love, John (b. ABT 1740)
Love, John Crook (b. 24 JUN 1783 - d. 7 NOV 1827)
Love, John Newton (b. 28 FEB 1810 - d. 10 APR 1869)
Love, Judith Ellen (b. --Not Shown--)
Love, Lucy Eleanor
Love, Milton Douglas (b. 9 JAN 1814 - d. 11 SEP 1887)
Love, Moses (b. 14 AUG 1844 - d. BEF 1908)
Love, Nancy Iones (b. 14 OCT 1804 - d. 10 JUL 1868)
Love, Noble (b. 14 MAY 1919)
Love, Ruth Caroline (b. 16 OCT 1821 - d. 21 JAN 1822)
Love, Thelma Ray (b. --Not Shown--)
Love, Toni
Love, Wesley
Love, William Crook (b. 6 JAN 1816 - d. 10 SEP 1868)
Love, William Frank (b. 23 DEC 1867 - d. 10 OCT 1952)
Love, Witney (b. UNKNOWN)
Lovell, Leonah
Lovin, Bessie
Lovin, William Stephen (b. 1846)
Loving, Elizabeth
Loving, Elizabeth
Loving, Rachel
Low, Eliza
Lowery, Agnes
Lowery, Bessie Mitchie
Lowery, Collumbus
Lowery, Delilah (b. BET 1787 AND 1792)
Lowery, Edmond D. (b. 1807 - d. BEF OCT 1856)
Lowery, Edward (b. 1763 - d. 25 FEB 1835)
Lowery, Elizabeth
Lowery, George Marion
Lowery, Meshack (b. 9 SEP 1774 - d. 19 DEC 1845)
Lowery, Rachel (b. ABT 1793)
Lowery, Sarah (b. BET 1795 AND 1798)
Lowery, Susannah Sarah (b. 1815 - d. 1853)
Lowery, Thomas (b. ABT 1760 - d. DEC 1835)
Lowery, Thomas J.
Lowery, William M. (b. 1801 - d. AFT 1870)
Lowery, William W. (b. 16 JUL 1810 - d. 14 DEC 1897)
Lowery, William W. Jobes (b. 1809)
Lowes, Sarah Cordellia
Lowrance, William Ray (b. --Not Shown--)
Lowry, Dora Ann
Lowry, John H.
Lowry, Marion Emsley (b. 4 JAN 1895 - d. 1990)
Lowry, Mary
Lucas, Clifford L.
Lucas, Cora (d. 13 MAY 1965)
Lucas, John
Lucas, Rebecca
Lucas, Winfield
Lufcy, Carroll Wilkey (b. 11 DEC 1920)
Lufcy, Glenn Hudson (b. 16 FEB 1917)
Lufcy, Herman
Lufcy, Herman Jr (b. 28 JUL 1918 - d. 7 JUN 1919)
Lull, Dean
Lull, Laurie Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Lull, Steven Douglas (b. --Not Shown--)
Lumbard, Unknown
Luna, Elisha
Luna, Enos
Luna, James
Luna, Richard Taylor
Luna, Ruby (b. --Not Shown--)
Lundie, Margaret Lucille
Lundie, Robert J.
Lundmark, Dale Herbert (b. --Not Shown--)
Lundmark, Jennifer Joy (b. --Not Shown--)
Lundmark, Jermy James (b. --Not Shown--)
Lundmark, Robert Dale (b. --Not Shown--)
Lussier, Josephte
Luster, Debra Carol (b. --Not Shown--)
Luttrell, Cephus
Lutz, Margaret
Lyman, Joseph Hunter
Lyman, Rosalie
Lynch, James (b. 1892)
Lynch, James
Lynch, Malachi M.
Lynch, Margaret (b. 1896)
Lynch, Martha Agatha
Lynn, Shirley
Lyon, Charles S. (b. 10 MAR 1896 - d. 3 APR 1974)
Lyons, Audrey Marie
Lyons, Linda Carol
Lyons, Murray James
Lyttle, Mary E.

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