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Master Index and Surnames File

If you know the parents of any of the below please e-mail the information to dcwilkey@bellsouth.net

Page Two

Below are some of the family lines on the Wilkey ~ Wilkie Book

If you know the fathers of any of these people please let me know.


Ref. No.

Other Information
1 Andrew Wilkie Mary Ann Boyle Unknown
2 Andrew Wilkie b: Abt 1770 Unknown Born and Married in Scotland
3 Andrew Wilkie Abt 1778 Helen Sharp Married in Clackmannan, Scotland Nov. 11, 1798
4 Andrew Wilkie 1858 Ken Born 1858 in Skipton, Victoria, Australia
5 Andrew Wilkie Abt 1880 Unknown Had son Eugene married E. J. Davison m: 1931 Sunderland, ENG.
6 Christian Wilkie Dec 11, 1781 Ann Dodds b: Danzig, Prussia, Germany - d: 1810 Skaneateles, NY
7 Conrade Lawrence Wilkie Saddie Buickerood Unknown
8 David Wilkie b:1753 Catharine Stark Kettle, Fife, Scotland
9 David Wilkie Found Charlotte Wilkie Son Clarence b: 1915 South Western Montana d: Mitchell, NE
10 David Wilkie b: 1840 Mary Annat FOUND
11 David Wilkie b: Abt 1762 Elizabeth Irish b: Abt 1768 Died Renesselaer and Warren Co., NY
12 David Wilkie b: 1753 Catharine Stark Kettle, Fife, Scotland
13 Edward Wilkie b: Abt 1770 Unknown Had son named George who married Margaret Ann Marshall
14 Edward Wilkie b: Abt 1777 Unknown d: Bef 1850, York, SC had son Jesse W.
15 George Wilkie Unknown b: Penn, d: Dec 27, 1844 Cannonsburg, Penn
16 George Wilkie b: Abt 1813 Margaret McDougal d: Glasgow, Scotland
17 George Wilkie Abt 1821 Martha Ann Crawford North Carolina
18 George Wilkie Unknown Son: Samuel who married Mary McGiffin
19 George W. Wilkie Margaret M. Unknown Daughter Lillian
20 James Harrison Wilkie 1880-1915 Unknown Son: James Floyd who died 1992 in Dekalb Co., AL
21 Henry Wilkie b:1811 Catherine Unknown Son: George Frederick b: 1837 St. Charles, MO- d: 1904 Witchita, KS
22 Henry Wilkie b: 1817 Unknown Perth, Scotland, had son Henry
23 Henry Wilkie Alicia Catherine Gordon b: 1820 County Meath, Ireland d: 1905 Fort Langley
24 James Wilkie Vinda Cavers Daughter: Anne Marie
25 James Wilkie Darlene Dunford Daughter: Jeanie
26 James Wilkie Mary Anne Lock Daughter: Jane Elizabeth who was married in St. Stephens, Shirley, New Zealand
27 James Wilkie Janet Anderson Married 1640 in Corstorphine, Scotland
28 James Wilkie Isabel Peterkin b: 1680 in Fordyce, Banff, Scotland
29 James Henry Wilkie Alice Ann Wilson b: Abt 1840 in Canada or VT
30 James Henry Wilkie b:1896 Emily Jane Tye Married 1903 in Sydney, NSW, AUS
31 John Wilkie Mary Irish No other information
32 John Wilkie Elizabeth Standish Married Jun 12, 1766 in Mass
33 John Wilkie Freelove Westcott Son: Thomas
34 John Wilkie d: 1883 Mary Ann Howden Son: John Perrell
35 John Wilkie b: 1614 Agnes Carnichael Carmichael, Lanarkshire, Scotland
36 John Wilkie b: Abt 1751 Jean Fairweather Married 1771 in Airelle, ANS, Scotland
37 John Wilkie b: Abt 1770 Unknown Son: George born in Dundee, Scotland
38 John T. Wilkie Jane Skelly Son: Lorne b: 1859, Canada d: 1916 Germantown OH
39 John William Wilkie b:1868 Harrett Jameson Kentucky
40 Joseph Wilkie b: 1890 Mary Minty Black Both born in Fyvie Scot and died in Regina CAN
41 Louis Wilkie b: abt 1876 Sena A. Houseman Son: Harry
42 Matt Wilkie Ada Chester Son: Johnnie
43 Miles Gilbert Wilkie Etta May Calhoun Son: Raymond Rusho b: 1895 Grindstone Island, NY
44 Mortimer Wilkie b: Abt 1829 Helen Elizabeth Allen Daughter: Anna b: Jun 2, 1855
45 Reginald Wilkie Ivy Anderson Son: Reginald
46 Robert Wilkie Jane Dickie Married in England 1859, son: George b: 1963 in Bridgeton, Scotland
47 Robert Wilkie b: 1799 Mary Ann Leslie Fifeshire, Scotland - Londonderry, Ireland
48 Robert Wilkie 1817- 1889 Sarah Kilpatrick b: Ireland - d: Penn USA
49 Rot Wilkie b: abt 1670 Jannet Bethun Kennoway, Fife, Scotland
50 Ted R. Wilkie Eloise Coley Son: Edwin Coley
51 Thomas Wilkie Unknown Son: Thomas
52 Thomas Wilkie Christian Tarvit Son: William
53 Thomas Wilkie b:1760 Jean Younger Scoonie, Fifeshire, Scotland
54 Thomas Wilkie B: 1790 Jane Unknown Son: Thomas was b: 1812 in St, Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
55 Thomas Wilkie b:1817 Janet Chalmers Malcolm Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
56 Thomas Wilkie 1830-1900 Louisiana Banta Switzwerkand City, IN - Morning Sun, IA
57 Thomas B. Wilkie Margaret Mary Baronner Daughter: Alma Theresa
58 Washington Wilkie 1832 -1909 Delila McBrayer d: 1909 in Rutherfordton, NC
59 WilliamWilkie Rachael Addie Son: Walter Marion b: 1869 - d: 1950 in MS
60 William Wilkie 1742- Elizabeth Scott M: 1741 in Scotland
61 William Wilkie Lydia Darrow Daughter: Lydia Joanna b: Mar 18, 1794
62 William Wilkie Unknown DaughterAgnes Wilkie - Foulden, Berwicksire, Scotland
63 William Wilkie b: 1679 Jean Anderson d: 1747 Cathcart, Renfrew, Scotland
64 William Wilkie b: abt 1717 Janet Liston

Bonnington, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Note: This line marries into the William James Wilkie Line------ Ref. No. 70

65 William Wilkie b: 1811 Jean Gibson Son: William married Catharine Young in Cowdens, Madderty, Dumbartonshire in 1839
66 William Wilkie b: 1789 Helen Morris Queen's Ferry Scotland. d: 1831 Switzerland Co., IN USA
67 William Wilkie b: 1794 Euphemia Gall Perthshire, Scotland. Daughter Isabelle Slater d: 1917 in Peck, KS USA
68 William Harry Wilkie Emma Caroline Speka Daughter: Evelyn Jean married Murray James Lyons
69 William J. Wilkie b: 1844 Mary Kingston, St. Vincent, Brit West Indies
70 William James Wilkie b: Abt 1616 Unknown Cliftounhall, Mid-Lothian, Scotland. This line later connects with Ref. No. 64
71 Bury Wilkie Ann

Born in South Carolina