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Submitted by Pat Gilstrap

Pension file from Nat'l Archives, 9 ps. of documents:

                    Examining Surgeon's Certificate.

                               Centralia, Ills. May 15th, 1866

        I hereby certify That I have carefully examined Stephen G. Hicks,
late a Coln 40th Reg Ills Vol Inft in the service of the United States, who
was discharged at Louisville, Ky, on the 24th day of July, 1865, and is an
applicant for an invalid pension, by reason of alleged disability resulting
from a wound. 

         In my opinion, the said Stephen G. Hicks is totally incapacitated
for obtaining his subsistence by manual labor from the cause above stated. 

         Judging from his present condition, and from the evidence before me,
it is my belief that the said disability originated in the service aforesaid
in the line of duty.

          The disability is permanent.

           A more particular description of the applicant's condition is

            Applicant was wounded in left shoulder the arm is now useless has
no use of fingers. Applicant can not even dress or undress himself.

     J. L. Hallam
           Examining Surgeon


State of Illinois
County of Marion

            On this 21st day of May A.D one thousand eight hundred and
sixty-six personally appeared before me one Henry C. Moore Clerk of the
Circuit Court within and for the County and State aforesaid Stephen G. Hicks
aged 59 years a resident of Salem in the State of Illinois who being duly
sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Stephen G. Hicks
who enlisted in the service of the United States at Salem Illinois on the
22nd day of July, 1861 and was mustered in on the 10th day of August 1861 at
Clear Lake, Sangamon County (near Springfield) Illinois as Colonel of the
40th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers Infantry, in the war of 1861 and was
honorably discharged on the 24th day of July 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.

            That while in the service aforesaid and in the line of his duty
he received the following wound. On the 6th day of April 1862 while in front
of his regiment leading a charge at the Battle of Shiloh (or Pittsburgh
Landing) in the State of Tennessee,he recieved (sic) a gunshot wound from the
enemy, the ball entering the left shoulder on account of which he was
entirely disabled until October 1862 (a period of about 7 months) when he
returned to his command then at Memphis Tennessee, and there within ten or
twelve days he received an honorable discharge on account of said wound, and
on the December following (about two months) the order discharging him was at
his own request revoked by the Secretary of War and he was reinstated and
reassumed command in the 2nd of January, 1863 and continued until 25th
October 1863 when he was found to be unable for field duty on account of said
injury and was assigned to the Command of the Post at Paducah, Kentucky and
relieved Colonel James S. Martin of the Command of that Post on the 1st day
of November and there remained until finally mustered out by General Order of
War Department on the 24th of July 1865 (with the exception of one or two
short intervals when temporarily called to other pernts?) He was at the time
of his muster out detached from his regiment and in Command of the Western
District of Kentucky with his Headquarters at Paducah.  By reason of his said
wound his left arm is perished and useless.

            Since leaving said service he has resided at Salem, Marion
County, Illinois, which is now his Post Office address. 

                        Stephen G. Hicks

Also and at the same time personally appeared James S. Martin and Thomas
Brunton residents of the County of Marion and State of Illinois persons whom
I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me duly
sworn say they were present and saw Col. Stephen G. Hicks sign his name to
the foregoing declaration and they further swear that they know from their
acquaintance with the applicant that he is the identical person he represents
himself to be and they further swear that they have no interest in the
prosecution of this claim.  
                        HC Moore Clerk
                        of Marion County Circuit Court


                    Washington City, D.C.
                        June 2nd 1866

        Hon Comr.of Pensions

            Dear Sir I herewith send the application of Col S.G. Hicks
            for a pension. You will please acknowledge the receipt
            thereof and communicate in regard thereto with Col. Hicks,
             or with his attorney, D.C. Jones Esqr. at Salem, Illinois

                        I have the honor to be
                        Very Repectfully
                            S.S. Marshall


                No. 109,362

                Act of July 14, 1862

                War of 1861

    Vol 3, page --
        Stephen G. Hicks
        Marion Co. Ills.
        Col. 40 Ills. Vols.
    Discharged July 24, 1865.

        Admitted at
        $20- July 16th 66
        Jas M Somers
        Joseph H. Barnett,

    Received, June 5, 1866



                Adjutant General's Office

                    Washington, D.C.
                        July 5th,1866

        I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of
application for Pension No. 109362, and to return it herewith, with such
information as is furnished by the files of this Office

        It  appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that Stephen G.
Hicks, was enrolled on the 24th day of July, 1861 at Salem, Ills. in the 40
Regiment of Illinois volunteers, to serve 3 years or during the war, and
mustered into service as a Colonel on the 10 day of August 1861, at Camp
Butler Ills in the 40 Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, to serve 3 years or
during the war.  On the Muster Roll of Field & Staff of that Regiment for the
months of May and June 1862, he is reported Colonel absent wounded April 6
1862, Battle of Shiloh, Tenn."
Muster out Roll of F & S dated July 14, 1865 Reports him "absent Commanding
Post at Paducah, Ky. per S.O. No. 1 Hqrs. Dept. Army Tenn."
No individual muster out roll of him on file.

        I am Sir very respectfully,
            Your obedient servant,
                ? Breck
            Asst. Adjutant General

The Commissioner of Pensions
        Washington D.C.
    Name of Applicant


            W.C. 162383

            Stephen G. Hicks
            Rank: Colonel
            Regiment 40 Ills. Vols.

            Centralia Agency
            Rate per month, $30
            Commencing 24 July 1865

            Certificate dated 19 July 1866
            And sent to Pensioner
                Marion Co.

Act of 14 July,1862

Book G Vol 2 Page 146

J.S. Bond


                WAR OF 1861

                ACT JULY 14, 1862

    Brief in case of Stephen G. Hicks, Colonel of Company, 40 Regiment,
Illinois Vol --

                Post Office Address of Applicant
        Salem, Marion Co. Ills -
    Enlisted July 24, 1861, Discharged July 24, 1865

                declaration and identification in due form.

                    PROOF EXHIBITED.
    1. ? Reports May & June 1862 Absent wounded in Battle of Shiloh Tenn. Apl
6 of 62

    2. Dr. Hallam reports May ? of 66 was wounded in left shoulder - arm now
 no use of fingers - cannot even dress or undress himself.
            Drs. total permit

    Died Dec. 14, '69 and paid to date thereof

        Dec 11/79

    Admitted July 16, 1866, to a Pension of $30.00 per month commencing July
24 1865
Disability total             Disabled by G  W left shoulder

Appt                                                           Jas. W. Somers
- Examining Clerk
            Name and residence of Agent.